Cassandra Corum BLOG

Bio – Real fitness is giving yourself the power to live in the body of your choice.

Cassandra’s understanding for healthy living began in childhood, where her parents stressed an active and health conscious lifestyle early on. Cassandra carried this healthy foundation throughout her adult life, becoming a competitive runner, swimmer, cyclist and accomplished equestrian.

Now, a certified strength and fitness coach, Cassandra incorporates her own passion for health and fitness with a professional culinary education from the world famous Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts to educate and empower others to eat, exercise and live better. “Real fitness is giving yourself the power to live in the body of your choice.” Cassandra says, “Rebuild your body from the inside out – food to activity, activity to fitness, fitness to lifestyle. Rome wasnâ€t built in a day and neither was the perfect body. Small everyday changes turn into one big lifestyle shift.”

Cassandra’s fitness philosophy is broken down into a simple equation, fitness = activity. “Walk your dog, throw a ball with the kids, ride bike, go to the park and play on the jungle gym, GO PLAY!!” With the belief that real everyday fitness can be achieved outside the gym just as well as out, Cassandra encourages her clients to trade in the gym memberships for a good pair of walking shoes and hit the pavement. She insists that wellness and shortcuts do not mix, as her “Healthy for Life” mentality require simple and solid actions and changes in ones lifestyle, not a quick fix. Cassandra believes that wellness is about empowering the individual to make the right choices for themselves, and not relying on diet drugs, plans, and point systems to make the real changes in one’s health.

“In order to change the way someone behaves, you have to change the way in which they think first. Once the opinion has been changed, the habits will follow.”

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