What gives the distance of a goal time and form? It has a beginning and an end. Boundaries. Measurability. This is the inner workings of an achievement. There is always a precise action to fulfill a commitment. When something doesn’t happen, we often say that there is some uncontrollable and/or insolvable issue in the world.
Almost certainly this is your reality with your health both mentally and physically if you are living with either of them as a “problem”. A few blogs back I spoke about stories and how those stories keep us safe. If you have been meaning to lose those 10+ pounds for any amount of time and you haven’t yet, guaranteed there is an uncontrollable and/or insolvable issue that you continue to tell yourself which keeps you free of blame, and essentially keeps you safe. Reality- your life is full of options, answers and alternate routes, it’s up to you to choose them.

The one thing that gives you your whole life is your total life. You are always inventing a new possibility for being you.

Starting today I want you to create a new paradigm of being human. This is the ultimate “no excuses” lifestyle. Your new paradigm of being human is you calling the shots. Picture properly painted: unless you are on a gurney near death, you will find a way to move your body, in the fashion of some exercise, everyday. You WILL choose the apple over the french fry, the salad over the burger, and the water over the soda. You will NOT waste your money on a 30 day workout DVD, a healthy body takes longer than a month no matter how loud they yell at you. You will not count your food in points or in fluid ounces, and certainly you will never prelude any meal with a pill. Your new paradigm is to GET REAL. BECOME RESPONSIBLE. And TAKE CONTROL.
Given what is important to you, that is what you get to be and create.