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Cassandra’s understanding for healthy eating habits began in her childhood, where her mother who was an accomplished chef, cooked strictly with organics and stressed a health conscious lifestyle early on. With a homemade, well balanced meal on the table every night, Cassandra began cooking with her mother, learning hands on what it means to cook clean, organic, and healthy.

Now Cassandra incorporates that passion for organics and health with a classic culinary education from the world famous Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts to craft innovative meal planning ideas for all lifestyles and health goals. Inspired by uniting tastes from travels through Europe, Greece, Turkey and Latin America, Cassandra has composed a unique, eccentric and healthy philosophy for each and every culinary creation.

In addition to being a private chef for some of the highest profile celebrities in Los Angeles, Cassandra currently appears on health improvement websites and books as a nutrition and food advisor to some of Americas most well respected health professionals, and will also soon be featured in the health sections of magazines such as LA Confidential and Marie Claire. She uses her knowledge and passion for health to counsel individuals, restaurants, and other private chefs in Los Angeles and New York alike, on how to live, work and cook healthier.

With the development of her company, SUSTAINABLE | LIVING. , Cassandra offers a wide range of perks and services for her clients including a health team to analyze and better individual health, as well as affordable healthy chefs trained personally by Cassandra suited to cater to the in home health needs of a wide variety of clientele.

Cassandra truly believes that healthy eating can be simple and easy, and starting with small changes in one’s diet, will eventually lead to even bigger changes, truly creating a diet that will become a lifestyle. The biggest reward is better health.

As an enthusiastic athlete and accomplished equestrian, Cassandra enjoys her time outdoors with her horse Michael, and her two dogs, shepherd Sophia, and chihuahua Sushi.

408 S.Spring
Los Angeles | CA
323. 717. WELL

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