The plural of human beings by virtue made us not a singular. 

Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran says of children:
“They come through you but are not from you”
Our biggest obstacles in life can come from our relationship with our parents. For women, our mothers are such a force in how we see the world. The relationship between mother & daughter is the most dynamic on the planet. It can be the shadows of all shadows and the platform for greatness all at the same time. As I get older, my mom gets older, her mom gets older… Our relationships with each other transform so much. My mother is a much different mother than her mother. My mom and I have moved from being a unit but still separate to becoming equals in life, invested in each other happiness and success, rather than mother energy sent to child-child receiving. I think when we as women get to this point with our mothers, it’s when we appreciate our ability to be mothers ourselves.

Life is incredibly cyclical. Everything leaves and comes back around in sometimes the most ironic and serendipitous ways. A fundamental element to living is being able to receive what we are given, maximize our blessings, and manage our shortcomings. A big part of life is being independent, but the rest is really how we manage and nurture our relationships. Without people, you don’t get to be anyplace.

Women- take a moment today to really appreciate your girlfriends. You may have a significant other, but I’m willing to bet that most women will say that their best girlfriend is her soulmate.

“For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so he loves the bow that is stable.”