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Saskia Webber
1999 USA Soccer World Cup Champion

If you are fortunate enough to know
and work with Cassandra Corum,
the words that will come to your head are – inspired, committed, driven, and winner.

“As a member of the 1999 United States World Cup Soccer Champion Team, I have been privileged to train with the world’s best. Upon retiring, I needed that level of intensity and work ethic to continue in my life and found it in Cassandra. She brings out an inner strength that we all have inside of us and teaches us how to push ourselves beyond our own mental barriers. Cassandra is a gifted, rare individual whose own strength and passion brings the best out in all she comes in contact with. Cassandra is a World Champion in my mind and heart.”

Dr Robert Joseph
Orthopedic Surgeon

She is inventive, charismatic, and motivating and because of this she brings out an athlete in every client that they never knew they had.

“Cassandra’s passion for healthy diet and no-holds-barred attitude for fitness makes her an irreplaceable addition to the health and wellness community. Her ability to help any type of client comes from practicing what she preaches, making all of her guidance and health solutions to be proven accurate before they are even delivered as advice. Her attention to the detail of the individual needs of each client, and her understanding that there is never a case exactly the same, creates a welcoming and knowledgeable bedside manner. She has a truly dedicated to educating the client about their body and what it needs to be running at a 100%. When it comes to fitness, Cassandra’s sweet loving nature takes a back seat to her confidence in the boundaries of the human body and pushing it beyond the comfortable limits of a mundane exercise routine. She is inventive, charismatic, and motivating and because of this she brings out an athlete in every client that they never knew they had. I am proud of the true expert that Cassandra has evolved into and the complete separate universe that she has put herself in by not compromising who she is, how she does business and what she believes in. The magnetism of her personality sets her apart, and I strongly believe there’s no one else like her.”

Dr.Gregory Vanvakaris
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Discovery Health, Diet and Fitness Center, Health Expert

Cassandra’s unique approach to Functional
Sports Nutrition is absolutely fantastic.

“As an avid athlete herself, she knows the physical and psychological benefits of a good sound nutritional program. I have been extremely impressed with her knowledge in exercise physiology and it’s relationship to nutrition. This becomes evident in how specific Cassandra’s programs are for each client. It is rare to find someone this talented who possesses her ability to communicate with compassion and enthusiasm. She has become a great resource for me personally and as colleague to help my patients. I can’t thank her enough.”

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